FMC Interface Card

NEW - The U1808 is STC'd on Gulfstream 200 by Chicago Jet Group. [details]

The 1808 FMC Interface Card opens up the Pro Line 4 and Pro Line 21 architecture. The U1808 is a custom In/Out Controller that adds ports to any Rockwell Collins Pro line 4 or Pro Line 21 card cage. These ports connect an external FMS (such as a Universal FMS) with the Rockwell Collins avionics.

The installation involves removing the FMC-6000 cards from the card cage, installing the U1808 cards, then wiring the U1808 to the external FMS through ARINC 429. The FMC Interface Cards adapt all of the required signals to make the 3rd party FMS to operate seamlessly in an OEM-like manner.

  • Opens the Pro Line Architecture to third-party avionics
  • OEM-Level Compatibility
  • WAAS-LPV integration
  • Provides several paths to FANS-1A and CPDLC instead of just one or none
  • STC'd and PMA'd (TSO pending)
  • Adds Performance Database to any FMS
  • Supports other integrations such as AHRS/INS to address other obsolescence issues