U2004 Arinc 429 Server

The U2004 is a real-time ARINC 429 Data Server that enables PC-based interfaces with avionics systems. The U1713 can be used on the flight line to diagnose avionics systems, or in the laboratory to simulate ARINC 429 systems with a high fidelity.

The U2004 has a front-end interface through Canaan Avionics Canvas which provides display of ARINC 429 data for all ports, and also enables a scripting (such as in Python) and a TCP/IP interface over a network.


Physical - 2 x 7 x 6", 1.5 lbs (does not slide around on a lab bench)

Power - USB-powered, even when connected through Ethernet a USB power is used. Works with all tested USB power on laptops, even when on battery.

Inputs & Outputs Note: Ports are designed to DO-160G Level 3, which is most other tools cannot claim. Ports may be damaged during Hirf Tests for unknown reason; such as over-testing. Canaan Avionics may opt to repair over-tested units.
  • 4 - ARINC 429 Transmitters
  • 8 - ARINC 429 Receivers
  • 3 - Ground/Open Inputs
  • 8 - Ground/Open Outputs

Interfaces & Features
  • Data connection through USB (and an Ethernet option)
  • Programmable through the Dll, available in the downloads and examples available in the documentation
  • User Interface through Canaan Avionics Carma
  • High-quality screw terminals enable hooking up any wire - regardless if it has a pin/socket crimped on, or is just a stripped wire
  • Activity lights that blink when the bus is active

NOTE: The U2004 comes with Carma (which is free for download), and a very complete Inter-Connect Definition file that works with most avionics systems.

U2004 Coding

ARINC 429 data can be coded using almost any language. The Dll Library is in the downloads below, and documenation and examples are provided.

Also, the Canaan Avionics Canvas webpage has coding examples where both Canvas and the U2004 dll can be used for coding & scripting ARINC 429 interfaces.


When purchasing, enter any description or PO number you wish for your records.

Included in this purchase is support from Canaan Avionics to help integrate the U2004 into your lab. This may be anything from assistance using Canvas, dll integration with your testing systems, and generation of custom *icd (XML) definitions for your avionics.

Loaner units are usually available upon request. Taxes and handling are included. A three year waranty for any failures or defects is included, and Canaan Avionics reserves the right to determine if the product is replaced, repaired, or refunded.